Electronic Medical Record

EMR is a digital version of medical reports and treatment history. It is very valuable because it gives doctors vast overview of your health condition throughout the time. It helps them easily identify which patients are due for preventive screenings, check how patients are doing on certain parameters (like blood pressure, status of vaccinations etc). We offer the means to keep your EMR online that you can access from anywhere in the world, anytime. Also, you have the possibility to share it with your desired doctors.

Every visit to the doctor, every analysis results or other medical reports, you can store at your HCE account. This way, you will not have to worry about forgetting or losing your medical paperwork, instead, you will be able to access from anywhere in the world, from any device. In addition, there is no need to carry a bunch of medical documents at your next visit at the doctor’s. With HCE EMR, you can easily share your records you wish to with any doctor.

Easy Steps
  1. 1. Add new record
  2. 2. Fill in the details
  3. 3. Store & Share

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