Vital Signs Measurements

Vital Signs Measurements Service

HCE and Cortrium have partnered to expand their services further. Cortrium takes personal healthcare to a new level by helping healthcare professionals, empowering patients, and providing additional support for the dialogue between the two. Cortrium redefines the starting point from which care can begin through the development of the next generation of wearable tech for the healthcare industry at affordable prices. Using smart devices, we add a new treasure trove of concrete health data and let professional diagnoses be supported by verifiable and reliable assessments.

Our revolutionary tech platform is designed to assess body surface temperature, activity, and respiration rate and also includes a high-performance three-channel ECG for screening and diagnostics of cardiological diseases. To add to this already impressive suite of options, tests are progressing to qualify our next prototype which will add oxygen saturation (SpO2) and blood pressure sensors into the device.

With the usage of Bluetooth (BLE) and other wireless interfaces and nothing but off-the-shelf standard components and electrodes, the Cortrium tech platform is a uniquely affordable solution for measuring all five vital sign parameters which will truly take healthcare into the 21st century.

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